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Neo School has built-in smart features for your school management needs. If you don’t have a website yet, no need to worry, with NEO School you can build your own website for FREE.

Neo School Management System

Your All-in-One Solution for School Automation.

Advanced School System

NEO-School is designed to automate a school's diverse business operations from management of classes to rigorous administrative tasks.

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Full Featured Platform

Paperless school automation solution for today's modern schools. Carry out the day to day school management activities FASTER, BETTER, and SMARTER.

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Intuitive Interface

Easy to navigate features designed for students, teachers and parents. It offers a highly customizable setup applicable not only for K-12 Schoolsbut also with other educational institutions (example: Music School, Sports School, Vocational School, etc.)

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Pricing Calculator

We built a custom tool to help you figure out how much you would need to invest based on the number of students.

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Price per user


Monthly Estimate
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Php 30.00/month

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